Pastoral Care Houses


There are four Houses: Jupiter, Mercury, Uranus and Venus in our school.  The objectives of the Houses are to foster school spirit, to develop a sense of identity and to cultivate sportsmanship and teamwork. 


Each House is composed of a House Moderator, an Assistant House Moderator, a House Captain, two Vice-Captains, a Cheerleader and seven Form Representatives.


The House Captain and Vice-Captains are nominated by students from S3 and above, and elected by students from S2 and above.  The Form Representative of each class level are nominated and elected by students of their own class levels.


Each year, the Houses are involved in several Inter-house Sports Competitions, Sports Day and Swimming Gala. There are an Inter-house Cheering Dance Competition on the Sports Day and Inter-house Dance Competition towards the end of the school term.