Teaching & Learning STEAM and Culture


With the support of teachers from different disciplines, a new curriculum titled "STEAM and Culture" is implemented for S.5 in 2023-2024 school year. This curriculum aims to foster creativity, critical thinking, and cultural awareness among S.5 students, providing them with a well-rounded education for the globalized world. Firstly, the STEAM component will update students with the latest news, trends, and applications in the STEAM fields. This will deepen their understanding of the interdisciplinary nature of STEAM and its real-world applications. Secondly, workshops on Chinese culture will engage students in hands-on activities such as creating wearable Chinese jewellery, crafting sachets, exploring Chinese medicine and herbal tea, and practicing Chinese painting. Lastly, the curriculum will focus on global culture, such as an overview of diverse, understanding of Vikings, the Lagom concept, North European handicrafts, Italian culture and opera, etc.